Detailed analysis of political, economic and security developments catered to the needs of the client.

Work in this area includes:

  • Detailed analysis of the political and security risks facing investors in a specific country in North Africa.

  • Research and analysis focused on the political economy of the region and the governance issues that the individual countries face.

Compliance and Due Diligence

Human intelligence based reports, including anti-money laundering and politically exposed person investigations.

Work in this area includes:

  • Investigations into the backgrounds of individual business people.

  • Wider investigations into companies working in oil and gas, media, financial services and consumer goods.


Short documents focused on recommendations for policy makers and private sectors investors. Based on stakeholder interviews and detailed research.

Work in this area includes:

  • Policy memo with options for empowering women and youth in Egypt for a European Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Memo weighing the political and economic costs and benefits of investing in different Maghreb countries for a private company in the pharmaceuticals industry.

MEDIA Analysis

Comments and interviews for international media outlets, including BBC, Al Jazeera, The Guardian and Reuters.

See more on my media page.

Funding proposals and reports

Experience working with the EU, European states, USAID and international foundations.

Work in this area includes:

  • Funding proposals, M&E and reporting to EU Commission, USAID and multiple European embassies whilst working with SEE Foundation in Cairo.

  • Coordinating and drafting all documentation for major funders of the Middle East and North Africa programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

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