politics & Economics of North Africa

Algeria Protests – Conducted a research trip to Algiers just before Former President Bouteflika’s resignation, saw the Friday protests on 29 March and met with civil society, political and business figures. Provided analysis for BBC World News, Al Jazeera, The Guardian and others.

Economic transition in Algeria – Currently carrying out detailed research into the potential effects of the protests and political transition in Algeria for the economy and for hydrocarbon production.

Moroccan national development policies – Analysis of the politics underlying development plans and reform processes in Morocco.

Egypt economy, youth and job creation – Drafted long analytical reports and short policy-focused memos on youth, economic marginalisation and job creation in Egypt.

Wide network across North Africa – Developed a wide network of contacts in politics, business and civil society over the course of 2 years living in Cairo and numerous trips to the region over the past years.

EU-North Africa relations

Analysis of European Neighbourhood Policy – Researched and wrote on the EU’s partnership priorities with Egypt, Algeria and ongoing negotiations with Morocco.

Migration in EU-North Africa relations – Conducted research in Rabat, Tunis, Madrid and Brussels, and wrote multiple articles on migration dynamics along the Western Mediterranean route.

High-level Delegation to Tunis – Organised a high-level delegation of European digitaries to Tunis in December 2018, which included meetings at Ministerial level.